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Concepts, as a subject of discussion since antiquity, are central to human cognition and therefore represent a core topic of cognitive science, essential to our understanding of the human mind. In the past decades, research on concepts has been carried out in a variety of fields (ranging from psychology over linguistics to artificial intelligence) and from a variety of perspectives. However, most of this research has been conducted independently or between a restricted selection of neighboring disciplines. In order to arrive at a more holistic understanding of concepts, it is crucial to have a higher awareness and familiarity with approaches from other disciplines. The current situation, therefore, calls for a broader education of young researchers that also encompasses related fields of study.

Conceptuccino used to be the name of an informal reading group on concepts at the Institute of Cognitive Science. Taking it from there, we aim to establish this website as a platform for all interested concept researchers. This website features links to relevant research projects and publications, an interdisciplinary mailing list, and a series of workshops.