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CARLA 2023

The first workshop “Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning, and Applications” took place at the Institute of Cognitive Science at Osnabrück University in 2018, followed by two virtual events as part of the Bolzano Summer of Knowledge (BOSK) in 2020, 2021, and a hybrid event at the Humboldt University of Berlin in 2022.

The Psycholinguistics and Cognition Lab of the Department of Psychology, Concordia University, Montreal, will be hosting the 5th edition of the CARLA workshop, to be held on August 23-25 (Wed-Fri), 2023, in Montreal.

Time and Venue:

      Date: August 23-25 (Wed-Fri), 2023
      Venue: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

Invited Speakers:

Special session on “Implicit Arguments”: (23 August)

      John Perry, Department of Philosophy, Stanford University

      Brendan Gillon, Department of Linguistics, McGill University

Main session: (24-25 August)

      Evelina Fedorenko, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT [tentative]

      Alex Clarke, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge

      Stevan Harnad, Department of Psychology, UQAM

      Alan Bale, Department of Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics, Concordia University

      Aishwarya Agrawal, Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, Université de Montréal [tentative]

Call for Abstracts:

“Concepts in Action: Representation, Learning, and Applications” (CARLA) is an international workshop aimed at fostering interdisciplinary exchange about research on concepts. It invites contributions from all fields related to cognitive science, including (but not limited to) linguistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience.

The workshop is open for research on any aspect of concepts, but there are three overarching topics that are of special interest with the following (not exhaustive) list of exemplary subtopics:

This workshop aims to provide an excellent opportunity to present and discuss ongoing research on concepts, both from theoretical/formal and applied/experimental viewpoints. We invite concept researchers from all related fields to submit abstracts to the workshop.

This workshop is sponsored by the following Concordia University Departments and Institutes: Department of Psychology, Centre for Cognitive Science and Linguistics, Applied AI Institute, Department of Philosophy, and and the Department of Classics, Modern Languages, and Linguistics.